Get To Know The Brandolino Group, Meet Adrian!


1. Where are you from? 
I was born and raised in the Philippines. I moved out here when I was 14. I grew up in Santa Clarita Valley.
2. How did you get your start in real estate? 

I was answering phones part time for Realty Executives and was attracted to the business through my encounters with Jim Tanner and top realtors on the area.

3. How did you get your start at Brandolino Group? 
After looking at the real estate business and having a sense of management, I realized there is more to real estate than just buying and selling houses. There are sooo many sub-platforms in the real estate industry and the Brandolino Group’s vast experience in all arenas is something I wanted to be a part of…Associating myself is tremendous leverage and credibility for my business. I approached Jeff in combining our efforts through my skills in sales and coaching plus, his keen investment sense to develop an original business model.
4. Why did you choose to go into real estate? 
Because being a part of someone’s sale, purchase or investment heavily relies on the trusting relationships sellers and buyers have with their realtor. I have a passion for helping others achieve their goals through compassion and clear communication. I know by doing so, it automatically helps achieve mine.
5. What’s your favorite part about real estate? 
The industry’s versatility, design aspects, and the fact it’s a tangible investment. Plus, people will always need real estate.
6. What is your favorite part about working at Brandolino Group? 
My favorite part about the Brandolino Group is the degree of professionalism. We hold high in our standards to support one another and our clients. Being up close and alongside powerful minds like Jeff, Tammey, and the rest of the group leads to a synergistic approach in satisfying our client’s needs.
7. Why did you choose LA / Santa Clarita? 
Ultimately, my parents chose Santa Clarita Valley when I was living in the Philippines. We initially visited the United States when I was 10 and they decided they wanted to move here. They stayed and I went back home with my siblings and didn’t see my parents for 4 years. In those 4 years, they were able to get the proper paperwork for our citizenship and chose Santa Clarita for its schools, safety ratings, and family-oriented planned community.
8. What are three things people might not know about you? 

1)      I moved out here when I was 14 from the Philippines which surprises most people as I do not have an accent. 

2)      I had a much deeper meaning of my purpose on helping others after I fell asleep on the wheel and hit a tree going 60MPH.

3)      I love fashion and trying out different types of food.

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