Cover Story: The Tolucan Times Interview with Jeff Brandolino

Property investment tips with Jeff Brandolino, President and Founder of Brandolino Group, Inc. Real Estate Investment Company

Jeff Brandolino was featured in Wednesday’s The Tolucan Times Cover Story on property investment tips. Read the full story HERE or check out the latest edition of The Tolucan Times.

Photo from The Tolucan Times – Property investment tips with Jeff Brandolino, President and Founder of Brandolino Group, Inc. Real Estate Investment Company


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Interview with Jeff Brandolino

Are there investing secrets?

When looking for an investment property, find value-add opportunities.  A property that is performing at its best can only get worse.  We look for properties that we can add value to and increase profits by rolling up our sleeves and doing what we do best!

How can we retire wealthy?

Buy Real Estate and HOLD it long term! Invest with partners and spread your money for diversity. I would rather have 50 percent of two properties than 100 percent of one.

Should I pay cash for Real Estate?

No! Rates are at an all time low. Use bank leverage while it is available at these low costs. Lock in fixed rates and let your rental income pay off the bank over time.

Has the house flipping business slowed down?

Yes. We continue to treasure hunt daily and with hard work, the deals are out there. We have built a well-oiled machine that will continue on through all market conditions.

Are you guys looking for new investors?

Not actively. But we are always open to meeting new potential investors, having the relationships in place is key for when the timing is right.

Do you sell homes or only invest?

We do it all! I focus on acquisitions and listing our assets for sale, while our amazing team of agents list and sell, sell, sell.

About Brandolino Group, Inc.

Jeff Brandolino is a seasoned and top producing real estate agent with Realty Executives (licensed since 1998). With roots in the Santa Clarita Valley, over the years Brandolino Group has extended its reach to all of Los Angeles County.

In late 2006 Brandolino had the vision to redirect his focus into real estate investing just as we entered the Great Recession. Brandolino and his partners have been successfully acquiring, renovating and selling hundreds of properties, with over $300 million in volume over the last decade. They have also managed to acquire a significant portfolio of residential, multi-residential and commercial real estate of which they have repositioned, leveraged and continue to hold as long term investments.

Brandolino Group also has a property management division—Valleywide Leasing, Inc.—that allows them to have complete control and hands on involvement managing their portfolio.

Jeff Brandolino, a Toluca Lake resident, recently opened a second office to be closer to the community in which he resides. Today, Brandolino Group, Inc. investment headquarters is located in Burbank at their recently acquired and renovated commercial building on Burbank Blvd.