Acquisition | Disposition | & Asset Management

Brandolino group specializes in turning asset management challenges into opportunities. We preserve and add value by designing tailored strategies for the repositioning of our properties. We assess each situation and recommend steps to increase revenues and reduce expenses. Always thinking of our future we negotiate and structure favorable lease terms that enhance the value of the properties.

Our professional team of in-house experts ensures that our customer service is high-quality, timely, and cost-efficient. With no need to outsource property management, accounting, leasing, and sales expertise, we are able to deliver top-quality service—and save you money. We utilize the most current accounting systems and technology to provide first-class asset management services.

Our particular expertise is in managing assets with complex circumstances, whether single assets, portfolios of properties, or complicated foreclosure and bankruptcy situations. Our clients trust us to manage every type of asset, from small single assets to complex commercial and residential asset types including operating businesses.

Unlike many asset managers, we are also experienced real estate owners. We understand the challenges of managing and selling distressed properties because we have made this the focus of our careers for more than a decade.

Before & After Videos

Happy Valley Renovation Project - Before & After

Westchester Staging Project - Before & After

Westchester Renovation Project - Before & After

Brentwood Staging Project - Before & After

Commercial Building Renovation Project - Burbank, CA

Brentwood Renovation Project - Before & After

Studio City Renovation Project - Before & After

Stevenson Ranch Staging Project - Before & After

Hancock Park Renovation Project - Before & After

Burbank Renovation Project - Before & Afterr

Burbank Hills Renovation Project - Before & After

North Hills Renovation Project - Before & After

Valencia Renovation Project - Before & After